Year: 2012

1.5.6. released

Transparent lessCss compiling was added. When you add a .less file GemsTracker will take care of compiling it to css. If you need to force a recompile, add the ?compilecss parameter to your url. Events can be specified at the

1.5.5 released

A lot of changes, some of them need your special attention: UPGRADE WARNING: Check all your (snippet) extensions to RespondentAction, TrackAction, SurveyAction and project specific versions of ShowTrackTokenSnippet and ShowSingleSurveySnippet: you may need to specify extra parameters as the menu

1.5.4. released

The settings below were added to the project.ini, please review them and add to your own project.ini on upgrade from a previous version. Code ;——————————————————— ; LOGLEVEL SECTION ;——————————————————— ; Use the loglevels as defined in Zend_Log to define the

1.5.3 released