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Quickstart guide

To get a quick start with GemsTracker, follow this guide. If you have any difficulties, feel free to ask a question in the forums or edit this wiki.



  1. Extract files
    1. Copy files from folder 'new_project' to your project folder or rename folder ‘new_project’ to [project name]
    2. Make sure the /var folder and everything below it is writable by the webserver
  2. Open [project]/htdocs/index.php in an editor
    1. replace ‘newProject’ with [project name] on line 55: define('GEMS_PROJECT_NAME', 'newProject');
  3. Open to [project]/application/configs/application.ini in an editor
    1. if you write project specific code: uncomment line 8: loaderDirs.GEMS_PROJECT_NAME_UC = APPLICATION_PATH “/classes/” GEMS_PROJECT_NAME_UC
  4. Open to [project]/application/configs/project.ini in an editor
    1. optionally define the project name and description at lines 2 and 3 and provide long descriptions for the project as well.
    2. create a new random salt containing '%s' at line 15
    3. set an admin.pwd at least 10 characters long
    4. optionally change other settings, e.g. set the locale.default to “nl”
  5. Open to [project]/vars/settings/ in an editor
    1. set your own database access values for HOST, USER, PASSWD and DATABASE
    2. optionally specify your environment, the Gems and Zend library directories
    3. optionally adapt your include path to the local installation (by default the Gems and Zend directories are set later).
  6. go to folder [project]/application/classes/
    1. rename folder 'NewProject' to [project name].
  7. go to [project]/application/classes/[project name]/Escort.php
    1. rename class NewProject_Escort to [project name]_Escort
  8. go to [project]/application/classes/[project name]/Menu.php
    1. rename class NewProject_Menu to [project name]_Menu
    2. if you do not plan to have a projects specific menu, remove or rename the file
  9. make the `htdocs` the web root
    1. on Unix make a link to the `htdocs` directory
    2. on Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008 or higher
      1. with apache installations we usually use `mklink /D` on the command line to make a line
      2. with IIS add the directory as a website or a virtual directory
  10. run the application
    1. login, Username = superadmin and the password from admin.pwd in project.ini
  11. go to Setup > Database > Execute new
    1. choose Yes

Your GemsTracker installation is ready to set-up now

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