A complete list of all features is not possible, but here are some of the most important.

  1. Survey management
    • Follow up surveys
    • Surveys dependent on answers (events) in previous surveys
    • Multiple people to answer surveys concerning one person
    • Define tracks as a sequence of surveys, depending on time or event
    • Different tracks assigned to different people
    • Different tracks for different organizationsons
  2. Interface
    • Easy search as you type interface
    • Powerful overview and search features
    • Organization based layouts
    • Complete administrative interface
    • Template based automatic emailing
    • Multiple alternatives to email (PDF, token url, using snail mail)
  3. Development
    • strong project based extension possibilities
    • Powerful and adaptable interface building from code
    • Configurable for production, demonstration, testing and development installations
    • Active development community
  4. Privacy and security
    • Low level data separation of answers and patient identification data
    • Adaptable cross-organization access rights
    • Random secret patient identifiers
    • Complete logging of email messages sent
    • Complete logging of patient access (can be switched off)
    • Extensive rights system
    • Strong, extensible, role based password check algorithms
    • Organization based IP-filtering

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