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A quick overview of the features with links to more detailed information


Interested in using Gemstracker for your own project? Check out our GitHub page new-project to get started after you download our GemsTracker new_project package download. Or try our api docs.


In this chapter we will describe the most commonly used configuration steps after the system was installed.


GemsTracker was developed in cooperation between ErasmusMC and Equipe Zorgbedrijven. The New BSD licence permits (non)commercial use when the following licence is included in the code.

User Documentation

GemsTracker can be used by people in a variety of roles. For instance:

  • Patients or repspondents receive an email with a link. The link directs them to a Gemstracker page where they see an overview of the questionnaires to be completed.
  • Healthcare workers log in to a Gemstracker site, where they fill in information about patients, or look up answers to questions filled in by a patient.
  • Site administrators regulate who can have access to the site and associated rightsmanagement.
  • Researcher or quality managers access a GemsTracker site to set up their questionnaire distribution and measurement tracks.

We have started to write some general user documentation to show how the Gemstracker functionality works for these different user(groups):

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