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Maintenance mode

Maintenance mode is a special system mode for large scale maintenance.

Users with a role that includes the right to turn Maintenance mode on and off have an extra button in the Setup ⇒ Project information screen that allows them to turn it on or off. During maintenance mode only the users with this right are allowed access to the installation and the ability for respondents to answers surveys is turned off.

Maintenance mode is usually used for large scale track and survey maintenance. It can also be used during version upgrades, but normally these take only minutes and do not cause failures most of the time. Track maintenance with the replacement of surveys on the other hand can easily take hours when there are a lot of patients.

When maintenance mode is turned on, and at regular intervals during maintenance mode, e-mails are sent to all users that do have the right to turn Maintenance mode on and off.

Maintenance mode does not grant any users any extra rights, nor does it enable any actions that one is otherwise not capable of performing. Maintenance mode disables: normal staff can no longer login and surveys can not longer be answered.

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