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Setting the informed consent using a survey

Creating the survey

Create a question with the code name 'informedconsent'. You can choose many types of questions types. The answers to the questions are translated to a consent using this algorithm that checks the answer against the consents stored in Setup ⇒ Codes ⇒ Consents.

  • If the answer is the same as a consent “Description”, that consent is used.
  • If the answer is the same as the start of a consent “Description”, that consent is used. This is in case you have e.g. only 5 characters to enter the answer.
  • If the answer is a “value” the the first consent by “Order” with the “Consent code” “consent given” will be used. Warning: examples of valid values are:
    • “Y”
    • “N”
    • “Unknown”
    • “X”
    • 1
    • -1
  • If the answer is not a “value” the the first consent by “Order” with the “Consent code” “do not use” will be used. Not-values are:
    • An empty string
    • 0

Using the survey

  • Activate the survey in LimeSurvey
  • Synchronise the LimeSurvey source in GemsTracker (Track Builder ⇒ Survey Sources → Synchronize surveys)
  • Activate the survey in GemsTracker (Track Builder ⇒ Surveys ⇒ Edit)
  • Check “Active in…” and select a group (usually Respondents)
  • Select the “After completion” event “Use the 'informedconsent' answer to set the informed consent. (Gems)”.
  • Save the survey.

If you then use and answer the survey the informed consent will be set tot the 'informedconsent' field as long as it is not empty.

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