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Via a token

Tokens can be used for distrubuting a questionnaire by own means (a leter, an e-mail etc.). GemsTracker creates a token wich can be used as a key by anyone to answer the questionnaire. Both the token and the web address of GemsTracker will have to be sent or given to each respondent.

Getting the tokens

  • Go to 'patients' in the navigation bar on the left
  • Open the patient by clicking on his/her row
  • Go to the 'To do' tab
  • The token is the 8 characters long code at the end of the row

Using a token to open a questionnaire

  • Go to 'Token' in the navigation bar on the left
  • This is the URL (web address) that you should give to respondents
  • Enter the token
  • Press 'OK'
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