Version 1.7.2 released

A few weeks ago we released the 1.7.2 version of GemsTracker. We moved from SourceForge to GitHub and instead of subversion externals we now use composer to handle dependencies. Because of this we decided to split the project in different sub projects. Upgrading will be a little bit different than before so make sure to read the changelog before you start. Since a lot of changes were made to the config files, starting with a fresh installation and copying over your own code is the easiest way to do an upgrade.

A special warning about our template system: we will probably stop supporting templates that do not make use of the bootstrap layouts. Keep an eye on the new-project on GitHub to see what we are doing.

The full list of issues solved with this release can be found on our BugTracker where you can also report issues you find with this release. Due to some issues found after release we are considering to release the first patched version soon. Keep an eye on our releases page on GitHub to see what is the latest version.