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Version 1.8.2 released

While this site did not get any update for a long time we do have been very busy working on improving GemsTracker. Keep an eye on our project on GitHub to see what we are doing! With this post we let

Version 1.7.2 released

A few weeks ago we released the 1.7.2 version of GemsTracker. We moved from SourceForge to GitHub and instead of subversion externals we now use composer to handle dependencies. Because of this we decided to split the project in different

1.7.1p4 available and demo site updated

A long time has passed since the last update. We did a few releases but did not take the time to write a message about it. Today the demo site was updated to have the last released version (1.7.1p4), and

Version 1.7.0p1 available and Zend Framework compatibility

After the official 1.6.4 release we fixed a lot of bugs and also fixed some security issues. Because of this we did a silent release of 1.6.4+ to indicate that the features are all the same but it is improved