1.6.4 is finally here

Yesterday we made the library and new project file for 1.6.4 available for download at SourceForge. It took a while but we have some great new features for you:

  • Import functionality for Respondents, Appointments and Answers
  • A project can define default track fields to be added to all new tracks
  • Two new track field types were added: caregiver and treatment, both linked to appointments
  • It was made easier to add other track field types at project level
  • Easy customization of site template using Less
  • OpenRosa surveys now can use geopoints, images and one repeating group
  • And of course some bugfixes

Because of code changes in the library existing projects need to be careful when upgrading. Check the release notes carefully before upgrading and perform the search and replace code edits described there. If you find any problems, please report them in our bugtracker.

As always: we try to do out best to keep things understandable but if you get lost or feel information is lacking in the documentation please feel free to give us a shout or (preferably) add some information to the wiki yourself!