Version 1.7.0p1 available and Zend Framework compatibility

After the official 1.6.4 release we fixed a lot of bugs and also fixed some security issues. Because of this we did a silent release of 1.6.4+ to indicate that the features are all the same but it is improved over 1.6.4

We are now thinking of a better naming scheme for this patched versions and for now this resulted in 1.7.0p1 for patchlevel 1 that is available for immediate download at SourceForge. We decided to go from 1.6.4 to 1.7.0 because of some major changes. Read more about that in the release notes.

On a side note we found out that Zend Framework 1.12.8 broke compatibility with some of our SQL statements. So if you upgraded to a newer Zend Framework version and encountered problems, all should be fixed by now in 1.7.0p1

And as always: when you find bugs or encounter problems, please file a report in our bugtracker. Contributions to the documentation are greatly appreciated and we are more than happy to review your proposed changes!